We do have a relevant past when it comes to environmental risk, health, communication, community mobilization, volunteer work, resource mobilization and social technology and we are prepared to serve communities in any region of the world in need of our work, because we have the support of several international relief agencies, stakeholders, promotion companies and many other companies interested in providing environmental solutions, prevention and accident and disaster response training actions.

Our main projects are linked to the following activities:

  • Supporting Municipal Policies for Community Risk Disaster Management and Reduction.
  • First Response Training Actions for Fire Fighting and Prevention.
  • Community Resilience Program in Disasters with structural or non-structural activities best suited to the reality of each community.
  • Response actions to communities affected by natural disasters aiming at promoting environmental disaster risk reduction.
  • Preparation of Contingency Plans.
  • Training civil and governmental organizations with a view to reducing risk and providing response/rescue in areas affected by nature-borne accidents.
  • Methodology and resource mobilization of the response.
  • Coordination for the implementation of the Hyogo Framework.
  • Coordination of the campaign to obtain financial aid and facilitate environmental risk reduction, thus preventing loss of life and property.
  • Communication Actions to reduce natural disaster risk and minimize the impact on the social loss.
  • Community mobilization and communication programs to be developed in immunization, sanitation and risk prevention for vulnerable communities.
  • A special focus: Skills for Life, working on the development of adolescents, so that these may adopt the concept of resilience to solve problems.
  • Programs to support community involvement, promoting knowledge as problem-solving factor, through the development of “Speaking Maps”.

The Speaking Map strategy stems from the local population’s understanding of their territory and living place as an ever changing live and pulsating space of everyday life: a life-leading space. The community actively participates in the design of the Speaking Map, which includes their home, the surrounding areas and other important elements of their family life and neighborhood, among others.

The Speaking Map is a powerful tool to interpret reality from its multiple dimensions, within the community’s environment, in order to work with the issue of prevention under a new perspective. The places within a city or region are the result of an accumulation of historical, environmental and social situations promoting peculiar conditions for the production of community life.

From this broad territorial view, on considering its dynamism, we proceed to the analysis of the situation and the establishment of an intervention project, covering multiple aspects proposed hereto and considering spaces and territories in their multiple complexity as the linking elements of all the dimensions.