Our emergency activities cover countries in areas of greatest need for help and support, in the most needy continents, such as Central America (Haiti), Africa (Cape Verde, Angola and São Tomé and Principe), the Caribbean (Cuba) and South America (Paraguay and Brazil).

We have also conducted Risk Management and Communication studies and projects for development and behavioral change at international agencies such as:

  • UNICEF, in Angola and São Tomé and Principe, with educational programs in water, sanitation and vaccines.
  • FAO, with epidemic emergency training in Central American countries.
  • WHO in Haiti and South American countries, with sanitation and emergency activities.
  • World Bank and IICA, in the development of a Risk Communication Plan for H1N1 in the Dominican Republic.
  • Civil Defense, collaborating with the preparation of Contingency Plans to address emergencies in flood-affected communities in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  • Our proposal is to promote a project to discuss the territories of each community based on local knowledge, to interpret and diagnose in order to build solutions to the challenges faced by people living in risk areas.