About the Institute

The Discipline4Dignity Institute is an organization with international operations that aims to meet the "Constitution of Humanity" by working with local communities towards better living conditions and livelihood.

The main objective of the Discipline4Dignity Institute is to promote access of the population to a sustainable system of information for disaster prevention and preparedness for emergencies and disasters in vulnerable communities by broadening the perception of risks and increasing the population's ability to overcome obstacles and endure the pressure of emergency situations. Our work has no boundaries and aims to meet the needs of communities and seek support to keep them sustainable and in progress by fostering culture and resilience on life issues. The strengthening efforts and the resolution of individual social and community conflicts and dilemmas through ideas that span from philosophy to literature, including psychology and visual art are also some of our main goals.

Communities are constantly facing nature-borne risks affecting all people, very often without warning. The vulnerabilities of communities can be reduced by building resistance to danger, since every human life must be respected and cared for to maintain viable conditions for its survival in society. When societies are prepared, disaster-borne negative impacts can be minimized.

Risk reduction must be seen as a priority and encompasses all sectors of society, especially those who are most exposed to foreseeable risks. The immediate response to an event affecting communities, by tackling rescue and removal difficulties in risk areas is the main concern of our activity.

Through representatives and partners based in countries where our work is urgent, we are committed to join efforts with like-minded institutions and local partners in order to share increasingly significant results. Our work has an intense strengthening component of the local accident and disaster prevention systems.